DC Di Candia Ruote

Di Candia Srl was founded in 1953 as a manufacturer of accessories for aeronautic industry, high temperature components and parts of electric motors, becoming in a short time one of the most important companies in its field of industry.

Thanks to the experience in special materials through the years, in 1973 the company starts the production of wheels for high and low temperatures.

In 1973 Di Candia Srl splits the production of accessories for aerospace industry and electric motors from the wheels production, becoming during these years the largest European manufacturer of high temperature wheels and supplying about the 80% of the market.

The wheel production became then one of the most important in Italy, taking the actual name DC Di Candia Ruote and improving the investments.

At the end of the 90's DC Di Candia Ruote expands its production range, introducing a new line of Stainless Steel brackets, zinc-plated brackets, Nylon-Polyurethane, Nylon-Elastic Polyurethane wheels, Nylon and Nylon+fiberglass wheels, addressing the production toward specialized sectors of the industry, such as the bakery industry, food and meat industry, sanitary, musical and show industry, and specializing itself in the Stainless Steel brackets production for which is today offering the highest quality and fully certified products.

DC Di Candia Ruote is currently distributing the production through a network of distributors and wholesalers in the whole world, manufacturing any part and product exclusively in Italy, utilizing just high quality raw materials selected in Italy and Europe, and thanks to the internal development and production of moulds and tooling, the production always take advantage of the latest technologies and production processes, offering an unmatched quality of products to the market.

The high standard of production are joined to a young, trained and skilled commercial and technical staff which ensures a full time great customer service and complete assistance both for technical and commercial inquiries to distributors and customers.

For more information visit there webste:www.dcdicandia.com

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