OTR Wheel Engineering

OTR Wheel Engineering was founded in 1987 by Fred Taylor as a small wheel shop in Rome, Georgia. There he began to manufacture and distribute wheels and wheel components to customers in the Southeast. Mr. Taylor found that customers wanted a “service and product integrator”. After landing it’s first major customer in Chambersburg Pennsylvania in 1995, OTR began soliciting major “original equipment manufacturers” with the concept of providing the procurement of their tires and wheels, assembling, and delivering to them “Just-In-Time (JIT)” to reduce their material carrying costs. As the company grew it required significant resources. In Dec 1999 Mr. Taylor found a partner who was a tire manufacturer spinning off the aerial Lift portion of OTR into a new company called Blackstone. Blackstone continues to support the aerial lift industry.

For more information visit there webste: www.otrwheel.com

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